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Fairy Tale Challenge Gallery

There were many entries to the Fairy Tale Challenge 2014 and all were excellent in their own way. If this inspires you then why not join this years Butterfly Challenge which can be found HERE

Firstly here are details of The Fairy Tale Challenge that was set.

With this years challenge we would like you to focus on a Fairy Tale of your choice.

For your challenge we would like you to imagine yourself in the middle of your favourite fairy tale and use the story to inspire your beading creations.

When you think of fairy tales you may imagine ball gowns sparkling with jewels and sequins, you may think of chandeliers and pumpkins, forests and oceans, castles and dungeons, dragons and mermaids, there are so many things you can use for your inspiration but the one thing to remember in this challenge is that all four pieces have to ‘connect’ in some way together. This means they could connect by colour theme, design, shape or even perhaps with connections that can be undone so the items can be used independently and they must all fit into a beaded box or bag for storage at the end. This box or bag can be made entirely from beads or other materials that may be used for construction but the container should consist of mainly beads.

You are free to work in whatever technique or techniques you prefer, bead needleweaving, bead embroidery, looming, crochet, knitting or application techniques (i.e. hot fix crystals), wire work, chain maille, etc.

Congratulations to all those that took up the Challenge and provided us with these excellent pieces.

Beginners Category

Winner - Illona BaltrusaityteWinner - Illona Baltrusaityte
Claire BroadheadClaire Broadhead
Ann Rascenet-ColeAnn Rascenet-Cole

Intermediate Category

Winner - Shiralee BaxterWinner - Shiralee Baxter
Georgina BrownGeorgina Brown
Emily HideEmily Hide
Sabrina RawlinsSabrina Rawlins

Advanced Category

Winner - Clare SoanesWinner - Clare Soanes
Jessica HaymanJessica Hayman
Hazel KingHazel King
Penny KramerPenny Kramer
Anya MossAnya Moss
Tess Roales-HilditchTess Roales-Hilditch
Judy ThompsonJudy Thompson
Jan WalkerJan Walker
Sue WilliamsSue Williams

Professional Category

Winner - Joan FisherWinner - Joan Fisher
Sarah BramwellSarah Bramwell
Chloe MenageChloe Menage
Maureen TaylorMaureen Taylor
Ruth VickeryRuth Vickery
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