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Original Bead Boards and Mats

Stitchncraft Beads > Bead Shop > Original Bead Boards and Mats

Bead On It BoardsBead On It Boards
Stitchncraft Beads are pleased to be the exclusive European Distributor of the ORIGINAL Bead On It boards as developed and hand made by Deidre Pyatte and her team in the USA.

The bottom of the boards are skid resistant and the main deck of the board is made with specially selected materials that interact very well with seed beads, just shimmy the board or run your fingers over the top of the beads and they will all settle hole side up! Look to spend more time actually beading as the beads will roll up onto your needle easily, you just tip the needle onto the side of the bead, you don't have to aim for the hole to get it on your needle!!

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Please note that these boards come with random bumper and light and dark base colours so you will be sent what is available. However if you want to indicate a general colour preference of the bumper and a light or dark base we will do our best to send something similar if possible.

Watch the VIDEO here

State desired colour of Bumper, and light or dark Base, if you have a preference as above note or type NONE for no preference


6" x 6" Luxury @ £27.50   
6" x 11" Luxury @ £27.50   
8" x 11" Luxury @ £49.95   
10" x 11" Luxury @ £62.50   
11" x 17" Luxury @ £90   


Bead Board - Small with lidBead Board - Small with lid
Useful Bead Tray - get all your necklaces the right length. Protective lid included

22.8cm x 30.4cm
Price: 5.99 (Including VAT)


Beading MatBeading Mat
Lightweight mat won't let your beads roll around while you work. Size approximately 36cms x 28cms
Price: 1.02 (Including VAT)


Bead Buddy - Save n GoBead Buddy - Save n Go
Keeps your projects-even small beads and tools -perfectly in place! Includes a design template and The Perfect Bead Mat which allows you to keep your project just how you left it! Create on the built-in Perfect Bead Mat and close anytime to reopen and find everything as you left it

Available in 2 sizes

Save n Go - 16"x12"x1"

Save n Go Junior - 12"x9"x1"

Save n Go @ £21.50   
Save n Go Junior @ £18.50   


Stitchncraft Beads > Bead Shop > Original Bead Boards and Mats
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Mail Order Tel: 01747 830666

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